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When it is time to hire a tree service provider, for tree removal, tree transplanting or moving, or for an instant privacy hedge, American Tree Movers is the company to call. We’ve been the tree moving experts in Saginaw, Gemesee , Tuscola and Bay counties as well as other areas since 1994. We utilize the most advanced equipment, and can remove or transplant any size tree. No matter if you need urgent tree removal or tree moving, always done in a trustworthy and cost-effective manner, call American Tree Movers


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American Tree Movers

Affordable tree removal, tree transplanting and mature tree sales!

Our Specialties

Tree Relocating/Moving

Tree in a wrong place?  No worries!  We offer the most dependable tree transplantation service around.

Tree Spraying

Protect your trees from harmful pests and diseases with our tree spraying service.

Tree Removal

Trees that are damaged, diseased or overgrown can become dangerous to property and a risk for personal injury. We’ll quickly and safely remove them.

Tree Sales

Need a few trees?  We offer a wide selection of young and mature trees.  We’re sure to have the perfect tree for you!

Privacy Hedges

Get instant privacy from surrounding neighbors. We can affordably plant a privacy hedge using mature trees.


Don’t want to wait 10 years for your trees to fill in? We can plant mature trees, giving you an instant mature-looking yard.


Dependable Tree Removal

Tree Moving/Transplanting

Through the use of properly executed transplanting techniques, large, mature trees of almost any species can be moved and used in a residential or commercial landscape.
Our clients range from homeowners that want instant, mature landscaping to large corporations. We have had the honor of transplanting trees for Golf Courses, Land Developers, and many home owners.
If there is a mature tree in the way of new development, we can move it. We are in the business of saving large, mature trees – not cutting them down. Tree moving and transplanting is more affordable than you may think.

profesional tree movers

Professional Tree Removal

Tree removal can be necessary for many reasons. Old and dry trees hide real danger for their owners. An old tree can collapse any second and damage your property, or worse, cause personal injury. Often, trees are in the way of progress or development, or have just become too large for their setting.
We offer professional tree removal services, and if the tree is still in good condition, we can avoid killing your tree by removing it and using it elsewhere.
We offer cost-effective tree removal services to property owners in Saginaw, Tuscola, Bay and Genesee counties, as well as other areas.

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Tree Sales and Service

American Tree Movers offers a wide variety of trees for sale as well as flexible tree maintenance services. If you’re looking to plant a tree in your yard, our tree sales department can help you pick the perfect one. If we’re removing an overgrown tree, and you want to keep the same look in your yard, our tree sales department will help you choose another tree while our tree movers take care of the old one.
Our professionally trained staff can help with regular pruning, fertilization, special tree foods, and pest control. We provide the lowest cost tree maintenance, specialty care, and emergency tree service in the area.



We offer the finest assortment of trees available in the area.

maple trees

Maple Trees

We offer many varieties of Maples. Maple trees provide great shade, while providing an incredible color show in the fall.

deciduous trees

Deciduous Trees

We have a wonderful selection of Deciduous Trees. From River Bottom Birch and Autumn Blaze Birches, to Red Maples, Crimson Kings, White Birch, and Sycamore Trees.

conifer trees

Conifer Trees

Great for screening or sheer beauty, we offer a large selection of Conifer Trees. From White Pine, Fraser Fir, and Douglas Fir, to Norways, Blue Spruce, Austrian, Dark Green Arborvitaes, and White Cedar.

oak trees

Oak Trees

The Grand Daddy of trees, the Oak, offers great shade, aesthetics, and stature. We offer a wide variety of Oak Trees.

fruit trees

Fruit Trees

Purposeful and practical. Fruit trees offer many advantages to help increase the appearance of your area and may also produce edible deliciousness.

shade trees

Shade Trees

Many of the trees listed in our species of trees above can provide you with a great amount of shade. Call us today to find out more about our mature shade trees for sale.

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American Tree Movers

Affordable tree removal, tree transplanting and mature tree sales!

Watch as we place a mature tree to help improve the landscape of this property

maple trees

Prepping Tree

deciduous trees

Maneuvering Tree

conifer trees

Placing Tree

oak trees

Improved Landscape