Why should we relocate a tree instead of cutting it down?

If you need to remove a tree, isn’t it better to have it moved to another location, rather than “kill” it! Trees are a precious resource, and relocating a mature tree will allow it to flourish for many years to come! We can remove an unwanted tree from your property, and if it is healthy and in good shape, we can transplant it elsewhere.

Why do we need to hire a tree mover?

When the tree is a small plant, it is easy to move it to another place. Bigger trees, however, are a whole different story and need the skills of an expert using the right tools. Only a professional has the safety equipment to manage this task without putting the health of your family and the integrity of your property at risk.

What are the steps involved in moving a mature tree?

1. A professional will first find out how deep the tree roots are. Then he will leave as much of the root as possible in place, during the move. If the tree cannot be transported with all of the roots it has a specialist will only leave the main deep roots and cut the less important ones.
2. He will dig a pit with several tap roots carefully by hand and make the new root ball from 4 to 6 weeks before the transportation. This way the plant will adjust easily to the new situation.
3. The tree mover will then estimate the depth and width of the root ball in order to know what should be the size of the hole dug in the new location. In fact, it should always be a little bit deeper than the original one.